Types of Modeling: What Type of Model Are You?

Modeling is a business with a large variety of styles and caters to people of all ages and sizes. From the kid next door, to a college girl, or a 50-year old dad, anyone has the ability to become a model; it only depends on the style of modeling you are best suited for. Here we list the various kinds of styles that are provided by the various modeling agencies and help you discover what works for your look.


This is the where the strict requirement and the toughest standards for models are imposed. Usually fashion models taken for consideration are above 165cm, but generally people above 170cm are preferred. A slender figure is also preferred in most cases for this style. There are 4 main categories of fashion modeling namely, Runway, Editorial, Catalog and Fitness.

Runway: A person is required to do a professional catwalk in order to market a particular brand or fashion wear. Confidence and good height are required in this.

Editorial: High-end fashion magazines where a stylish fashion sense is showcased. A model should have good height, distinct looks, and a camera-friendly photogenic appeal.

Catalog: Print ads for various publications to present different types of clothing wears lines and products. Being photogenic and expressing various moods and emotions are important here.

Fitness: This type perhaps has the toughest body requirements and maintaining your body figure is an essential enduring process. The opportunities here are limited as there only certain kinds of sports and lifestyle brands that require the employment of fitness models, and as such, the competition for this modeling type is very high. But if you do get the opportunity, rest assured, your payment will be a hefty amount.


This form has very little requirements other than a marketable look and personality. Anyone with passion for modeling has a good chance at excelling in this field.

Other types are assessed for good acting and role playing, and conversational skills are Television Commercials, Television shows, trade shows, entertainment magazines, event campaigns, and website videos.

Commercial print type of modeling also falls under the commercial category, which include Corporate (E.g. Nurses, Doctors, lawyers), Fitness, Swimwear, Lingerie, Glamour (Modeling with sexual appeal, such as Maxim/Playboy types, only for those above 18 years old.), and Alternative (E.g. Rock, Gothic, Indie looks etcetera).


A specific form where one represent a brand, good or service. The modeling criteria are not very stringent on the model’s looks but rather the focus is on the ability to sell a product or idea, being able to communicate, and having an outgoing vibrant personality. Models are mostly used for an event, conventions or shows to promote their brand to consumers.


It is growing in popularity because of its industry and market relevance. This is an area modeling agencies are increasingly picking up on. People here don’t fit the conventional modeling standards, but have heavier weight and present a fuller bodily appearance.


Freelance models are not bound to any agency and instead functions like a self-agency. They would have to source for their own clients, manage their own schedule, and promote their own works by creating their own portfolio, comp card, website. They may also work for multiple agencies and not be a contractually signed model for any particular agency. This all sounds very taxing on an individual, but upon establishing the right contacts and working out a proper management routine, this form of modeling is one which may gives higher levels of flexibility and greater number of opportunities.

Body parts

This is a modeling style where specific body parts are modeled for. Most commonly the body parts requested for are hair, legs, and hands. This requires the model to maintain the beauty of the specific body part well and lead a healthy hygienic lifestyle. For example, a hand model must take the effort to wash the hands regularly, cut the fingernails properly, go for manicure if necessary, and lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain the natural skin glow. If you think you have a nice shiny and luscious hair, smooth and beautiful leg or hand, you can highlight your interest to a modeling agency.

Shooting Tips and Editing Techniques on Making a Good Home Video

Making a video has become a common want of documenting family events these days. With the ease of usage of most camcorders, all you have to do is just point and shoot. But making a good video is another thing. It requires careful planning and in some case scriptwriting most especially when you’re producing a drama or documentary for school requirement or for your family.

Here are 5 basic shooting tips for making a good video.

  1. Check the battery.

Before you start the shoot, be sure to check that the battery of your camcorder is fully charged. Bring extra batteries and extra tapes particularly when you’re shooting outdoors.

  1. Test footage before actual shooting.

Before actual shooting, record and play back some test footage so you can immediately spot problems and correct them.

  1. Maintain smooth and slow camera motions.

To do this, it is highly recommended to use a tripod or anything that helps you hold your camera level and keep it steady.

Limit the use of zooming in and zooming out. Use only when necessary. Overusing your zoom will definitely distract your viewers.

  1. Plan and vary your shots.

Prior to the actual shooting, you must have planned the shots that you will need.

Shoot your subject from different angles to make your video much more interesting particularly when taping a long interview. Get some shots that will make your viewers interested the whole time. If you’re taping your son’s soccer game, also get some shots of onlookers and not just the players.

  1. Make sure there is proper lighting. Avoid strong backlight.

In making a good video, lighting is everything. You should avoid shooting with a strong light behind your subject. Otherwise your subject will appear in silhouette.

If you want to make your video fun and interesting to watch, you must plan and execute carefully. Do necessary editing to achieve great results.

  1. Select your best shots and remove all the others that did not turn out so well or those that do not fit in.
  2. Keep the scenes short. Avoid lingering too long in any single shot.
  3. Arrange the shots in a way that they tell a story. This is where your varied shots become very useful. Mixing close ups, mid-range and long shots will help keep your viewers’ interest.
  4. Make sure to include suitable transitions between the shots. Most editing programs today have this feature.
  5. Add simple but interesting titles. Add graphics if you want.
  6. Choose the most suitable music for your video and add sound effects.

What Is Being Photogenic, and Does It Influence Your Chances in Modeling?

We delve into this phenomenon in this article and give some tips to being more photogenic, and this is also why modeling agencies tend to choose models regardless of whether they’re “good-looking” or not.

Being Photogenic

Being photogenic means having a camera-friendly face. The camera has its downsides; it may not capture a model’s thoughts, feelings, and personality. It captures only the still physical aspect and the features of different facial parts such as angular Jawline, and edges of the nose are all easily captured and become more highlighted in the photograph. Although in real life the human eye doesn’t focus on these aspects in singularity and also determines the beauty of someone through the way they move and carry their body.

There is no surefire way to determine if someone will look good in photos which are also another reason why modeling agencies conduct test shoots and create the best composite cards to analyze if a model looks good on photograph.

How to develop yourself to become more photogenic?

If you weren’t naturally born with photogenic qualities there are still many ways you can improve in your photo look. First is definitely to practice and find the angle or facial position that suits your look the most. You might have to spend some time in front of the mirror looking weird (But, trust me, it will pay off). If you stick to that angle, nine out ten times, your photo is going to come out with you looking your best.

You would also have to work on your smile and give a natural and genuine full smile. One trick is to positively think of someone or something you love. However, don’t over show all your teeth or laugh as it may come off as fake. Keep it real, keep it moderated. Another effective trick is to not directly into the camera lens, look away or on top of the lens. This prevents the red-eye effect.

An important point for the ladies is to keep makeup at a necessary thickness. Too much is very easily observed by viewers. Especially with most popular photo-sharing applications such as Instagram and Facebook having the zooming effect can mean that such oversights are more readily seen.

Photoshop and its usefulness in photography and modeling

Beauty retouching is a concept that you may hear. It is often used to smoothen out the rough details and significantly improve the glamour. In truth many of the top celebrities and stars we see on Television or magazines are as such because of Photoshop or its other partner software applications. It may be deemed an illusion or deception, but it indeed a reality that is altering the entertainment industry and the culture of photo sharing in the world today.

However having known the benefits of Photoshop use it with a tad bit of wisdom. It is quite humiliating when you get caught Photoshopping your image, and if you haven’t done the editing properly. On top of that, never use Photoshop when submitting your photos to a modeling agency. The person viewing your photo submissions is highly likely to be a Photoshop expert themselves.

All in all, some models are born photogenic; others can find many ways to develop it. Start practicing, learning the relevant skills, and get your hands on the best makeup and editing tools. You too can be a star!

Top 5 Modeling Myths That May Affect Your Confidence

Modern times in modeling are changing, and a lot of such information that has been circulated since the past is becoming false. We reveal 5 modeling myths so that you can be more informed and more confident to come forward to be a model.

1. You need to be size zero

This might have been true in the past where skinny was frequently related to a model. Today the industry is changing and there is, in fact, a good market for plus-size models and variety of sizes is accepted. Many of the top modeling agencies have accepted that curvy models are in demand and appeal to the market.

2. You have to be very tall

There may be strict height requirements for runway and high fashion modeling that is still in place, however, most other categories ranging from commercial, catalog, print and many other forms are more open to short heights. There is even a modeling category called petite modeling these days. It is also not impossible to break into high fashion, seeing the example of Kate Moss who was one of the first models to break into to the Supermodel scene with a height around 5’6″ or 1.67m. As long as you are passionate about the industry, you can see tremendous success being a model.

3. You are too old for modeling

Heard of senior or mature modeling? Yes, age is not a barrier for modeling! Anyone can be a model as far as you have the energy and dedication to take part and have an eventful life, modeling is for you.

4. You have to take professional photographs beforehand

If you have the time and money for it, sure go ahead, but it’s not a must. Agencies don’t expect you to be a pre-made model with all the professional photos and experience in place. What they are looking for is mostly, a fresh face that has a good attitude to develop into a professional model that will sign on with the agency for as long as possible. For starters, your smartphone quality cameras will be enough for signing up. The professional photos will be taken by the agency, the way they require it.

5. It is very easy to be rich and famous

This is a very common misconception. People watch Victoria’s Secret runway, or read vogue magazines and believe that is what a model is. Well yes, but reaching those standards isn’t going to be an overnight phenomenon. Often at the start, you will have to sideline profits and invest time and energy in building your reputation and a good track record first. Once clients start recognizing you and the agency believes in your potential, that’s when you will see a steady and good income source and start getting popular.

The Power of Vibrations, Sound and Music

In my article titled ‘The Wonders of Sound’ I have explained about Chladni’s figures. In this article we will see the power of Vibrations, Sound and Music.

The Universe can be explained simply in one word! Vibrations! It is all vibrations.

Scientists now have come to the conclusion that the universe is full of waves and vibrations. It is made out of vibrations.

Scientists want to find out a theory which could explain everything or tie together all the theories so far found out. A single theory is needed.

Vibrational energy will be the basic for this unifying theory.

When we speak we produce vibrations in our throats. Vibrations creates sound. Sound creates various forms.

Sound when systemized in a particular manner with certain rules, we call it is as Music.

The power of music is indescribable.

To illustrate this we may see an example from Indian History.

The Indian kings used to appoint a court musician.

Tansen was a famous musician in the Court of Emperor Akbar. He used to sing different ragas. The people will be mesmerized by his voice. Deepak is one among his favorite ragas When he sings this raga there will be lightning effect. Deepak raga will create flames.

So he used to handle this rage sparingly with due cautions. Akbar heard about this raga. He wanted Tansen to sing a song in Deepak raga. Tansen refused telling him its lightning effects.

But being a king, he ordered Tansen to obey his commands.

There is no other go. Tansen agreed to sing but he wanted Akbar to come to a lake.

Near the lake a platform was erected. People assembled. Akbar with great excitement came to the lake bed. Tansen started his Deepak. On reaching the climax suddenly he was in the midst of flames. His body started burning.In order to escape from burning, he jumped into the lake.

Akbar felt very sorry and requested Tansen to forgive him for his foolish order without knowing the consequences.

Tansen explained to him that the lightning effect was due to vibrations of the music.

Each and every vibration has its own effects. They can create forms differently.

Correct vibrations could produce rain, fire, earthquakes

Our own bodies are permeated with vibrations.

Blood circulate in our bodies in waves.

There is a rhythm in everything. Waves and vibrations are everywhere in the creation.

There is a branch of science called ‘cymatics’ which explains everything about vibration, sound and forms.

The power of music is itself a big subject. Music heals a person from his bodily diseases as well as mental illness.

We have to learn scientifically about the power of vibration so that we may use it for our own success in life.

Nagarajan has written more than 3000 articles in Tamil in 18 magazines and published 52 books. He is revealing Eastern Secret Wisdom through T.V. Programmes, magazine articles, seminars, courses. He has covered various subjects in his wide range of articles which include Mantras, Yantras, Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Astronomy, Space Science, Science and Spirituality, Hollywood cinema, Women’s progress, Aura, Significance of Colors, Reincarnation, Divine Geometry, Power of Prayer etc. As an ardent seeker of Truth, he has collected scientific experiments on mantras, mind, Auto suggestion etc

Big Band Corporate Entertainment Options

The search is on for the party band to create the event of the season. You’ve got a list of dance tunes, cozy count-down music, and crooner tunes from the biggest stars in music history, and now you just need a band to reproduce them. We’ve got some great ideas and options for your corporate event planning.

Big Band Corporate Entertainment

Everyone’s big dream for their corporate event this season – IN THING OF THE YEAR – is a Big Brass Band. Percussionist and strings may be optional, but they demand the brass band. And who can beat a brass band playing Big Band Era music in the background, or at an event where dancing can be construed as jitterbugging? Why not? Wouldn’t that make your team happy, send them home with memories that can’t be whooped with a stick, and char their edges? Seriously, big band era music for your corporate event, would be the cat’s meow on so many levels we can’t count them… But we have big brass!

Dance Band Showcasing Trendy Cover Songs

Or maybe your team is a little younger and instead of dancing the night away jitterbugging to the trendy twenties, they’d rather hip-hop to some roaring cover tunes familiar to current music fads? Loading up on top-ten hit music for cover band showcasing current pop-artist look-a-likes is a great option. Top wedding dance bands offer delightful party tunes for corporate event entertainment, featuring spirited party crasher style cover music and trendy, sophisticated, talent. Your event will be the most memorable of the season with any cover band showcase.

Cover Bands Celebrate Life’s Special Moments

High-energy, choreographed dance routines on the stage create the ultimate party style entertainment. Excitement pulses through the most discriminating of music connoisseurs. Special lighting, lively, no-limits, music selections from thousands of choices, delivered showcase style to impress any audience creates a dynamic and powerful corporate celebration.

When your corporate team deserves the very best entertainment, you’ll go to the ends of the planet to find the right bands. And don’t they ALWAYS deserve the best?

When your team proves themselves to be exceptional, worthy of celebration, the key to keeping them producing, successful, and winning, is to show them how much you appreciate them. There are a few great ways to do that, and here they are:

  1. Showcase their talent with an awards night celebration at a luxurious, well-planned corporate event featuring unbelievable entertainment and recognition for each member.
  2. Give them an event worth remembering, with spectacular music and recognition distributed and presented by lookalikes of their favorite celebrity hosts.

The Entertainment Industry is Becoming Less Entertaining

The Grammy Awards is another “I love me” show. If you are not one of the “Special People,” you do not get the opportunity to attend or pat yourself on the back while holding a precious Grammy.

Almost weekly, those who believe the public worships them as great and entitled to adoration, hold another award ceremony to prove they are loved and have the ear of the Nation to listen to them spew their hatred on every topic of which they disagree. Those things over which that they have no domination are targets. They attempt to change America through venomous rhetoric and cannot understand most of us could not care less for their opinion.

They believe they are anointed to convey and support threats, incite civil disobedience, and influence drooling fans to participate in their delusional antics.

They need all their award ceremonies to maintain their illusion of greatness and of course, enhance their ability to make more money from their adoring fans. These ceremonies are intentional promotional based events designed to allow political discord to be presented and for celebrities to fulfill their role of “Brainless Zombies” to those who control their future.

Those who control the power of the purse string in Hollywood determine who and who will not receive the optimal contracts for the best movies and other projects. They display an iron fist to those who object to their ideology and extend the hand of wealth to those who follow as sheep and use the opportunity of an award ceremony as a platform to relay the talking points designated for that event.

ABC News in January this year reported there was five hundred sixty-four different entertainment industry awards shows in 2016. Thirty-five of these shows were televised nationally. By the numbers, in 2016, thirty-six million people watched the Oscars, twenty-six million the Grammy Awards, ten million the Emmy Awards, and twenty million the Golden Globes. Add social media the number of people exposed to Hollywood and other entertainment rants significantly increase.

An extremely liberal faction that desires to change the Constitution and the American lifestyle have inundated the entertainment industry. They utilize every opportunity to influence how we see American and incite their base to act upon the rants they reinforce weekly through their “I love me,” televised media. They use all forms of media to increase their influence.

Fortunately, there are fewer American’s buying into their dangerous rhetoric; there is a declining interest in award shows, television in general, or buying tickets to the theater to see their movies. From 2012 to 2016, ticket sales at movie theaters in the United States have decreased each year losing annual sales of over six hundred seventy-two million dollars. Data indicate viewers watching movies and television on a TV screen has declined by 13% globally over the past year, and by 11% in the United States.

There is no hard data about the cause for the decline. Perhaps it is economics, possibly it is a loss of interest; people are tired of the rhetoric on both the right and the left; it may be complacency and loss of respect, or maybe; it is the sick heart of America getting sicker. The entertainment industry should take notice before they put themselves out of business. Their rhetoric is one of the reasons behind the decline in viewers. It is growing and unless the industry returns to making movies and television shows their priority, maybe the days of the “Special People” will end. Entertainment was so much more enjoyable when it was entertaining.

Amazon Prime – The Benefits of Online Video Streaming

How good is Amazon Instant video Subscription? By most accounts, the $99 per year cost is more than worthwhile. First of all, they offer you an a la carte style of movie selection, where you can pick from a variety of genres in the onscreen interface. There’s a “Recently Watched” section, as well as Recommended Action & Adventure, Recommended Kids & Family, Your TV Shows and more sections tailored to popular user requests.

Amazon Instant vs. Amazon Prime Instant Video Streaming

Top movies that are just barely out of the movie theater can be viewed with an Amazon online video subscription for under a single dollar. You could also pay up to $15 to own it; but in most cases, this doesn’t seem reasonable unless you plan on watching said movie 15 times! Alternatively, you could also opt for the Amazon Prime Instant video option, which allows free streaming of videos without adding it to your Amazon account.

The unlimited streaming available with Prime also comes with access to the Kindle Unlimited library, where you can read a book for free every month, as well as free 2-day shipping on a host of items from Amazon’s incomparably large inventory. Amazon’s inventory of movies and TV shows is easily greater than 100,000 as of 2017 – and constantly growing due to its competition with HULU and Netflix.

Watch Movies Online with Amazon

The Amazon Prime interface varies depending on the device you use. On a Roku, for example, the layout isn’t all that easy to navigate; but on a PlayStation, it’s better. The Cloud Player is useful for video streamers who want to download a title for later viewing, and the search function is off to the left hand side and provides plenty of options that are close to your original search. The interface has improved quite a bit since 2014 – so if you’re getting your Amazon online streaming video subscription, be advised that it is now competitive with HULU and Netflix.

Get Amazon Prime for Free

The beauty of Amazon Instant Video and its entire online video streaming suite is that you can try it out for free for a month – in some cases, more. During this period, you can see how well the free 2-day shipping works for you, as well as how you like the watch movies online selection. Just head to the Amazon website and sign up for the Prime trial.

If, before the trial period comes to an end, you happen to buy many things, gauge how long it takes for your items to arrive to understand the type of service you can expect. If you don’t think what’s available justifies the price, then cancel your subscription trial at the end of the month so that you aren’t charged. The $99 cost (as of 2017) of Prime breaks down to about $8.25 per month – factor this into how often you watch movies, TV shows, and order items from the super-store to determine whether or not the subscription is worthwhile.

The Pantry Option with a Video Streaming Subscription

Lastly, along with your new spate of videos, movies, television programs and free 2-day shipping, you are invited to try Amazon Pantry. This helps keep your kitchen stocked with goodies that aren’t available to casual shoppers, all at competitive prices and with free shipping. Usually, you have to purchase $50 worth of goods in order to activate free shipping; furthermore, it might take a business week for your stuff to arrive.

The Best Way to “Learn All Those Lines”

In my classes, I ask that my students learn their lines by “rote.” This means without emphasis or inflection. It is a mechanical way to learn your lines, where you don’t attach any emotions or objectives to the words. This process was introduced to me by William Esper when I was getting my MFA at Rutgers, Mason Gross School of the Arts and has its roots in the Meisner Technique.

I find that when students learn their lines in this way they don’t fall into a set way of saying their lines. They are then more available to be open to their acting partner’s behavior. Too often young actors fall into the trap of performing a scene based upon their preconceived ideas of how that scene should go. This memorization technique short-circuits that tendency and facilitates an exchange of energy between the two actors.

Memorizing by rote allows the student to be in the present moment. This is where we want to live when we’re acting! When fully present, we’re listening and operating from our impulses and honestly responding to our scene partner. This frees our acting from self-consciousness. When actors allow the scene to unfold naturally, spontaneous behavior occurs that is so much more interesting than any moments the students could’ve possibly planned.

The other night was the first night for my students to be off-book for their scene. I instructed them to learn their lines by rote and to not meet with their partners until their lines were completely memorized. That night was the first time these students said these words out loud to each other. And guess what? Because they had memorized this way and were instructed to simply talk and listen rather than “perform”, the scenes unfolded in spontaneous and behavior-rich ways that surprised both me and the students who were working. The actors learned in this moment that you simply cannot surprise an audience unless you surprise yourself.

Learning lines by rote is just one aspect of how I teach my students to learn their lines and approach a role. But it is a vital piece. I challenge you to learn your lines this way for the next audition or performance you have. Notice how it changes how you relate to the other actors and to the material. I’d love to hear about your experiences experimenting with this in the comments!

3 Reasons Why to Hire a Show Band and a Tribute Artist

If the median age of your executive team is 27, Elvis entering the room probably isn’t going to have an impact on the masses. Unless of course, he arrives with Taylor Swift!

When show-stopping tribute artists walk into a fully entertained room full of executives, there may be a slight stir near the back of the room. If the tribute artist has a microphone, he might enter as the band ‘plays his song’. The words lilting above the music, rising in volume as he walks toward the stage. People in the audience will notice as he walks past, shaking hands, smiling, making his way through the crowd. And then…

He introduces his best friend… The one who has known his secret for the past forty years, the boss. The boss and the tribute artist have a short exchange midway through the song – the band takes a break – and conversation continues. The team building begins, as those attending this event get a glimpse of the fun, entertaining, and even exciting exchange of personal discussion becomes the figurative most memorable moment of the entire weekend.

As the music picks up, a second tribute artist enters the room, dancing through the crowd, singing her number one hit, and the evening explodes with transformational energy, taking what was a weekend training session to a new level. A motivational high, made memorable by the voices and appearances of celebrity show-stopping tribute artists. Your event just became the talk of the season.

1 – Never Settle for Less Than The Best

Top-shelf Cover Bands know how to fill up the room, keep the energy flowing, and motivate a crowd to action with the right songs, the best music, and on-stage dance routines designed to entice dancers on to the dance floor. Your team won’t be able to resist adding their moves to the motion of the room. Energy becomes motivation, and life outside the room takes a break while your team takes an opportunity to become better friends, and build life-long relationships.

2 – Ice Breaking Themed Presentation Matters

Show bands offer so many opportunities to blend top 40 tunes with theme planned events, period swing music, and polished performances. Adding a tribute artist to a show band presentation, keeps the action going during breaks, and motivates your attendees to become part of the show. Everyone wants to meet the tribute artist! Make a memory with key recognition factors, celebrity status, and lifetime favorite memories.

3 – Let the Rat Pack Dominate Your Presentation

Filling up the show band break time with a meeting of Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe might seem over-the-top in some circles, but not yours. Your audience deserves the best. Memories that stroll into a room, dance off into the night, and lead them back in time to an event that will motivate them for years to come. Your event will never be forgotten.

Elvis has not left the room…

Your corporate training event could be ho-hum just like everyone else’s mundane and boring, or you could hire David Levin Entertainment and create the show-stopping, most-talked-about event of the season, with exceptional show bands, cover band options, and trending performances by tribute artists. Let David Levin plan the entertainment for your next corporate training event – visit http://davidlevinent.com for more information.